Voice Specialties/Body 
Warm tones
Medium tones
Child voices
Psychotic characters
Game voice impressions
Southern Accents
English Accents
UI voices

20 years
Blue - Burnette Hair
98 pounds
Grey eyes
 Welcome to my page, where you can explore my voice and get to know me. With over 28,000 followers and prior work in entertainment, I developed a large passion for Voice-Acting. With my love of entertainment combined with the amazing people in my life I was able to get started in Voice-Acting. I jumped right in, scouting auditions and landed alot of cool projects. I'm 20 year old, and currently living in Las Vegas, NV. I have a high obsession with video games which was my main inspiration for Voicing!

 I love crazy and wacky things, I love psycho characters, infact they're my favorite to act. I hope you enjoy all of my projects. I decided to take up modeling, if you'd be interested in a shoot, please use my contact details at [email protected]

our customer

Along with my drive to succeed in Voicing, I do alot in editing and technology. Currently my demo and everything I do is recorded with an Audio Technica 2020 USB Condenser/POP filer, along with Yeti Mic. I use editing in Audacity along with Adobe. Until I receive my soundboard I will be working with USB mics. All of my demos were put together by me so far.

My Favorite Games List
Life is Strange
Persona Series
Fran Bow

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